Indyca | Independent Cinema Association


90’, 2017, HD, col., Italy
Directed by: H. Krissane
Produced by: Indyca
Genre: Comedy
Languages: It / Arb
Status: in development
Contact: Simone Catania


A gang of immigrants, with ambitions of becoming crime lords, continuously fail to find a job. The solution to their problems seems to be an Italian mafia criminal recently fallen into disfavor with his organization. This mobster, with all the looks of a stereotypical crook, sets out to show them how to reach the top. The outcome is hilarious and quite different from their expectations. This is a film about immigrants told by an immigrant. Like other successful ethnic-European comedies, Che Bravi Ragazzi doesn't show the pain, complexity, or difficultly of living in a dramatic manner. Instead, it adds humors while showing reality.