Indyca | Independent Cinema Association


52’, 2014, HD, col., Italy
Directed by: Francesco Catarinolo
Produced by: Indyca
Genre: Social
Languages: It / Ger / Eng / Eng sub.
Status: in development


The Red House is a hut-hotel designed for explorers and tourists, a base camp where adventurers arrange excursions across the remote regions of the Ammassalik district of Eastern Greenland. It's also a rehab centre where new generations of Iivi (Inuit in Eastern Greenland) can find an answer to their issues connected with alcohol-related problems and a high suicide rate. The Red House was founded over thirty years ago in Tasiilaq by Robert Peroni and stands for a new example of eco-sustainable tourism that can change the ways of the Iivi, those who are often defined as "primitive" by Westerners.

Robert Peroni is an ex-mountaineer and explorer of Südtirol (Italy), a sportsman well-recognised all over the world his records set during the 80s. In the 90s he moved to Greenland and bought a little, red, wooden house. With the help of the Iivi community, he created a new example of eco-sustainable tourism. This documentary focuses on how Robert conceived a new standard for tourism, how he intends to apply it, and what impact it has had and will have on local residents.

Isolated from the rest of the world until the end of the ninth century, this small community of hunters, characterized by strong traditions have been influenced by western ideas and technologies. Some of these influences have been beneficial while other have threatened their traditional way of life. Unfortunately, since the trade of seal skin was prohibited, unemployment is rising and has produced a new generation with many unwanted tendencies such as suicide and alcoholism.

Though sick and in need of medical treatment, Robert fights through the issues while trying to teach the Iivi how to create jobs through sustainable tourism. From about two years he is often forced to leave Ammassalik in order to seek medical assistance in Bolzano, Italy. Will the Iivi take up the challenges set forth by Peroni? And will they show the district of Ammassalik and the world at large a new example of eco-sustainable tourism?